Villatuerta, by the place that is located, it makes it a privileged place, accessible and close to different natural environments and outdoor activities. Mountain ranges and natural areas that offer lots of possibilities.

A few kilometres from Villatuerta find the sierras of Urbasa and Andía, Lóquiz , , Mediterranean landscape in which the forest of beech trees, junipers, heaths and unplowed. Dream places to explore on foot or by bike.

Also nearby is the Alloz damm, the PINARES de Lerín, Montejurra and the impressive the source of the river Urederra natural reserve (the latter must be booked with time).

Hidden valleys between these mountains and mountain ranges are some of the best kept treasures, the Valley of Yerri, Amescua, Allin, Aguilar, Metautem, etc… about some 35 nature trails they are calculated by these valleys.


Villatuerta and throughout the region have been in the heart of the Camino de Santiago, the French way that goes through such beautiful places as Roncevalles, Pamplona, Puente la Reina, Villatuerta, Estella, etc…

El Camino de Santiago This section allows you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and its art.

There are plenty of nearby cultural alternatives to Villatuerta, many villages, monasteries, churches and chapels.

Only 5 km away, visitors can enjoy the beautiful and romance Estella, , core of the so-called tierra estella, there you can visit the squares of the Fueros and Santiago, the Palace of the Kings of Navarre, current Gustavo de Maeztu Museum/strong>, the Churches of San Pedro, San Miguel, San Juan, Holy Sepulchre, our Lady of the Puy, convent of the Poor Clares, Museum of Carlism, ancient walls, calle de la Rúa , etc…

Urban ensembles as Puente la Reina, Cirauqui, Villamayor de Monjardin (with its castle), Los Arcos (with its popular circuit), Viana and the famous monasteries of Iratxe, Irantzu, Santo Domingo de Guzmán they are a clear alternative and a great reason to stay with us.


They are made in Navarre excelentes vinos with denomination of origin NavarraSpanish designation of origin for wines from the region of Navarre. Are found very close to Villatuerta wineries such as Larrainzar (Ayegui), Irache (Ayegui), Lezaun (Lacar) , Castillo de Monjardín (Villamayor de Monjardín), Palacio de la Vega (Di Castle), Quaderna Vía (Igúzquiza) etc. where the visitor can taste excellent red, white and rosé wines.

And all these wines accompanied by one of the best cuisines in the country, excellent meat of the valleys is the veal navarra, cheeses, vegetables with their famous asparagus and peppers of piquillo peppers, sausage, pacharán, , and his fondness for the gastronomic societies and their skewers.


Navarra, Villatuerta, España How to get here


We are in Villatuerta town, on the eastern part of Estella region, which belongs to Navarra province, 37 km away from Pamplona, easily connected by highway (A12).

La Casa Mágica is located in the very heart of the village, next to the townhall and church. Very close to the river, called Iranzu and its stunning medieval romanic bridge.


Navarra - 31132
Calle Rebote, 5

Teléfono: +34 948 53 60 95